Early Kidney Joint Cat Wet

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Formulated to support mobility in case of osteoarthritis while preserving kidney function and an optimal body condition.

Key Benefits & Characteristics: 

  • High level of high quality protein
  • Low phosphorus
  • High level of Omega-3 and DHA
  • High palatability
  • Can be combined with Early Kidney & Joint dry diet


Daily Ration

Mixed feeding is possible, combining VETERINARY HPM Wet and Dry Early Kidney Joint diets. We propose around 50% of the energy need with wet and 50% with dry but all combinations are possible depending on the individual case.

VETERINARY HPM® does not contain any artificial colours or flavours.

Composition: Chunks (50%): pork kidney, chicken gizzard, pork lung lobe, chicken liver, chicken skin, chicken neck, egg white, pork plasma, minerals and vitamins, fish oil, sunflower oil, lignocellulose, digest, cellulose, potato starch, caramel, hydrolysed crustacean (source of chitosan), egg shell membrane.

Gravy (50%): water, tapioca starch, caramel.

Analytical Constituents (% as fed): Moisture 78.5, Protein 12, Animal to vegetable ratio 100/00, Fat 5.5, Minerals 2, Crude Fibre 0.8, NFE 1.2, Starch 0.8, Calcium 0.25, Phosphorus 0.17, Sodium 0.2, Potassium 0.22, Omega-6 fatty acids 1.5, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.5, DHA 0.15

Key Nutrient Values: Metabolisable energy calculated (kcal/100g) 99, Metabolisable energy in vivo (kcal/100g) 97, Protein digestibility (in vivo; %) 88.5, Fat digestibility (in vivo; %) 96, Energy from protein (%) 47, Energy from fat (%) 48, Energy from Carbohydrate (%) 5

Specific Ingredients/Additives: Bentonite 1000mg/kg, Chondroitin Sulfate 300mg/kg, Chitosan 300mg/kg, Egg Shell Membrane 300mg/kg