Subscription to Recurring Purchase - T&C’s

General terms and conditions of recurring purchase

Read these Conditions carefully and consult our General Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


Benefits of Subscription Service

The Subscription Service allows you to benefit from reductions on the purchased Subscription Products.
More particularly, the Subscription Service offers 5% discounts on the purchase price of Subscription Products with each order.


Discounts derived from the use of discount codes

Temporary discounts and special offers may apply to Subscription Products only on the first shipment, with the use of a discount code. To access temporary discounts and special offers on subsequent shipments, you must cancel your subscription for the applicable Products. 


Suitable Products 

Only items marked as “Subscription Products" will be able to enjoy the benefits of the discount. The Subscription Products may vary over time.


Recurring Purchases are subject to the general terms and conditions. The subscription is personal in nature and the user may not assign or transfer the subscription or the benefits associated with it to third parties.


Order process and Product availability 

Once you subscribe to periodic shipments, you will automatically receive the Subscription Product at the delivery frequency you have chosen without any further action on your part.


Virbac Ltd reserves the right to modify, with notice, the details of its commercial policy, such as rates, discounts and Subscription Product availability.


Each purchase shipment will be subject to the applicable subscription and product details.


We will send you an order confirmation email prior to each shipment, including your order details and instructions for cancelling or changing your order (“Order Confirmation”).


If a Subscription Product is not available on the day of scheduled delivery, we will inform you of the delay and will attempt to process your order within a maximum period of two weeks from the initial delivery date.


If within that two week period the Subscription Product becomes available, we will deliver it to you at no additional cost without any action required on your part. Delay in delivery due to unavailability of any Subscription Product will not affect the discount applicable to any other subscription or to future orders for the same subscription. 


In the event that a Subscription Product is no longer available within two weeks of the scheduled delivery date, we will notify you and recommend an alternative Subscription Product to replace it. If you would like to return a Subscription Product, please see our delivery and returns information following this link [].


Prices, Payment and Renewal

The total amount that will be charged to your card for each order will be the actual price of the Subscription Product (including applicable indirect taxes) from which the applicable discount(s) will be deducted, on the day the order is processed, as indicated in the email confirmation of each of your recurring purchases.


Cancelling or changing a subscription

Subscription will remain active until cancelled. The amount you pay for each purchase will be charged to the payment method you used to create your subscription.


You can change or cancel your Subscription at any time. Cancellation or modification will not affect orders for which you have already received the Order Confirmation. You can check how to cancel your Subscription on the “Your Account Page”. 


Virbac Ltd can unilaterally cancel the Subscription. In this case, we will notify you of this cancellation and you will only be charged for orders for which you have received shipping confirmation.


If you cancel your Subscription and then reactivate it, the discount applied to an item may not be the same as the discount that was in effect at the time of cancellation. The new discount will be applied to future shipments of that item. 

You can also pause scheduled orders by not receiving them, once. This will ensure that the amount of that order is not charged, but will continue the process with the next order.

If there are problems that we cannot resolve with your delivery address, your account, or your payment method, we will notify you via email to the address associated with your account. Additional subscription cannot be processed or shipped until the issue is resolved. 

To change your payment method, you need to update it in your account. 

If the renewal payment is not successful, the system will attempt to complete the charge two more times within 24 hours; if the payment is not successful, the system will not send the order and will wait for the next renewal. 


Changes to the Conditions


We may modify these T&C at any time by publishing updated versions on the Virbac Ltd website. 

Changes to these conditions will be considered accepted if after introducing them you continue to maintain your orders. If you do not agree to any changes, you must cancel your subscription. You can check how to cancel your subscriptions on the “Your Account Page”.