• Puppy Food - (Small & Toy Breeds)
    £10.88 - £19.18
    For small breed puppies (adult weight <10kg), up to 10 months old. LOW IN CARBOHYDRATE: 23.5%HIGH IN PROTEIN: 35% Puppies from small breeds have intense requirements, especially in terms of energy, proteins and minerals, for healthy growth over a...
  • Puppy Food - (Medium & Large Breeds)
    £21.43 - £59.85
    For medium breed puppies (adult weight 10-25kg), up to 6 months old. For large breed puppies (adult weight >25kg), up to 7 months old. LOW IN CARBOHYDRATE: 23.5%HIGH IN PROTEIN: 35% At the start of growth, puppies of large and medium breeds have...