About Virbac


Focusing on animal health, from the beginning

In the 1960s, the various preparations manufactured by human pharmaceutical laboratories at that time did not make it possible to treat all the animal diseases. In 1968, while these major groups were looking to invest in animal health, Pierre-Richard Dick, a veterinary doctor in Nice, drew upon his training at the Pasteur Institute to devise and develop new medications. He founded Virbac with the intention of providing veterinarians, farmers and pet owners with a range of innovative solutions to fight animal diseases.

Shaping the future of animal health 

Now present in more than 100 countries, Virbac has maintained its independence and its essence. Linking the needs of caregivers with the latest technological advances, our innovation ecosystem delivers a practical range of products and services to diagnose, prevent and treat the majority of pathologies, all while improving the quality of life for animals. Thanks to our offer, supported by a manufacturing base that meets the highest international quality standards, Virbac has been forging personalised relationships with veterinarians, farmers and pet owners in each country for more than 50 years. Through these privileged partnerships, in which societal, health and environmental issues intersect, Virbac contributes day after day to shaping the future of animal health.