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Urinary issues: a major health concern in cats

8% of cats seen by vets for non-routine appointments are diagnosed with urinary issues.

51% risk of recurrence within one year after being first detected.

The main risk factors are:  


• Poor quality nutrition  

• Obesity  

• Sedentary or indoor lifestyle

• Insufficient water intake

Nutrition plays a key role in the management of urinary issues: the right diet can make all the difference! 

VETERINARY HPM® offers a range of cat diets specially formulated to help promote urinary health. We offer wet and dry diets with many benefits for your cat's urinary health such as:

• High protein content to help stimulate the drinking  

• A unique high-protein low-carbohydrate formulation to help maintain optimal bodyweight, which is a very important factor in urinary health 

• Built-in supplements such as chitosan to help limit phosphorus excretion in the urine

• Wet diets with a high moisture content to naturally increase water intake

Find the best diet for your cat

Offer your cat the best urinary health nutritional programme, using both dry and wet diets!